It sounds like a Facebook thing, but really- how much can you change by taking one word out of any random sentence?

Or what can you change by adding a word? Especially nouns.  Man, nouns are a mess. One noun, more or less, can cause fights.

Of course, we’re people living in the 21st century.  We’ll fight over nouns, verbs, even pronouns.

If you stop to consider both sides (do they even allow that any more?) it’s not really the nouns and verbs and all, it’s the meanings (or multiple possible meanings) behind the words and how we choose to accept or deflect them.

And now that we’re getting back to the gag at hand, the critical word was ‘feelings’.  In today’s world, feelings are very important to consider.  Things do get started and get stopped because of Feelings.

But if you leave out the ‘feelings’ and stop that sentence at ‘hurt’… it takes on a bodily injury tone that puts feelings into another context