“Why” is sometimes a question that can shorten the heck out of a conversation.  I mean, some of the videos on those old TV shows that were just collections of videos… (and the ones on Facebook now) are things you can’t question if you don’t want the magic taken away.  For instance, I watched a video collage (is that what you call those? The ones that have a series of little videos strung together into one larger, funnier video) the other day of people doing face plants in various places.

One of the face plants was a woman going down an escalator and suddenly, whump, she goes down and scatters herself badly by the time she gets to the bottom of the moving stairs.  Fine.  But then you ask “Why”.

As in, “Why was there someone video-ing this woman (from behind) going down what is apparently an airport escalator?”  It’s not security video.  There’s no one else in frame. There’s nothing especially engaging about the woman one way or the other.  But the video shows us this spectacular stumble and splatter… halfway down the escalator.  Why, when the first half of the escalator ride was so uneventful, would someone continue video-ing this person… Unless she and the videographer had agreed beforehand that she would do something interesting on the ride down?

So here WE are with Lowell confronting the question, “Why”.

Let’s see if he can prove the videographer to be essential to the process.