There are three or four starting places for reading Hubris comic strips. Today is one of them. The reason for it is sort of a happy one. When I first submitted Hubris to the syndicates, I got a little encouragement from Tribune syndicate (surprise, they’re no longer around) and ‘Because It’s There’, as Hubris was then to be called, was put on a sort of new talent showcase website they set up. Also, Amy Lago (then at United Media- soon to be no longer around, and now at Washington Post Writer’s Group) God bless her, asked for more Hubris strips. Because of the input from these two sources, Hubris got refined and refiddled a few times. I’ve cobbled together the bits from various packages into a sort of coherent series to introduce the characters and situations. From there, we’ll see what kind of trouble I can make. Anyway, today the characters begin to gel a little more together.