Christmas has come early for Kelly.

Kelly is original to the Hubris comic strip, but not the way he is now.  Paste, Kara, Lowell… they all found a place later.

Originally, Kelly was supposed to be a character behind the camera that would always be pointed at Hubris.  That’s because Hubris was supposed to be the host of the show ‘Because It’s There’, which was also the name of the comic strip way back then.  Hubris’ father was also alive back then, too.  Honestly, I don’t really recognize the original incarnation any more.

Kelly was to be an off-panel voice.  He was to be ‘Us’- able to talk to Hubris while remaining remote.  Genderless (that’s why he’s named Kelly- I’ve known both genders to be named Kelly) and faceless, he was a character without being a character.

As Hubris found a place away from a TV show, and into the shop his father was supposed to have been running, Kelly remained and took on a gender and a race and a face.  He became one of those upscale guys who obviously visits the gym and makes time to do cool stuff even though he’s more often wearing a suit and doing big things.

Then, I needed the TV show to be a peripheral thing in the new version of the comic strip, and Kelly resumed his cameraman duties.

Weird, how these people take on little lives in these comics.