Gonna go draw at the children’s hospital again today.  Pictionary.  The hospital has a sort of in-house TV studio (much easier since the advent of digital cameras and iPads.  It’s nuts.  Anyhow, I draw stuff, and kids and their families call to the studio from their rooms (which they are heartily sick of, I’m sure.) and guess what I’m drawing.

Kids are, I dunno, psychic or something.  Seriously.  I’ve gotta have, like, thirty things to draw figured out because it’s a forty minute show and ten seconds into each drawing, they’re already calling in.  Last year around halloween, I had four lines-  FOUR- on the board and the phone rings. Kid says “Vampire.”  Right.

You know what the four lines were?  You know what a ‘greater than’ sign is?  Kind of an arrowhead?  Yeah, I had two pointed up for the tips of the vampire’s pointed ears, and two pointed down for the collar on his cape.  That’s it.  Four open ended triangles at the outside edges of the board.  First guess. six seconds.  Vampire.  I drew the rest of it just to prove to everyone else that the kid was right.