No one knows better than me that you have better things to do while reading comic strips than to vote for this or that, or tweet, or facebook or all that tiresome junk.  (I have something like 40 comics bookmarked for looking at every day.  How about you?  A bunch?)

That being said, how about you Hubris a little?  Click on TWC vote, over there on the right, and twitter and facebook aaaaaaaall your friends about Hubris. One day, when all people of the earth are Hubris fans, there will be no war.  Then the kayakers will get all uppity and the mountain bikers and the skaters will have an alliance to limit the kayakers… that’ll bring the canoe faction in.  The crossover with off-road unicyclers and those guys is almost nil, so you can see where that schism will start.  Then the Surfing coalitions will mobilize.  The final world war will end with the in-line skaters ruling everyone.  It’ll be a peaceful world, but at what cost?  What Cost?

Eh.  It’s worth a shot.  Vote and Tweet Hubris.