Some of you will be old enough to remember (at least in syndication?) seeing TV shows that add “IN COLOR” at the end of the title sequence. ย Typically, it’s stuff like ‘Bewitched’ or ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ or some police shows that started off in black and white, but they wanted the viewing public to know that, by golly, if you’re watching in black and white, you’re missing out on a hot new thing they were offering the public.

When I first made a new file folder for this website and labeled it ‘Hubris’, I didn’t want to confuse it with the older folders that had ‘Because It’s There’ and ‘Hubris’ packages for the syndicates. ย So in a merry spirit and recalling those old syndicated TV shows that made sure you knew you were getting the best technology could offer, I named the folder ‘Hubris In Color’ even though the cartoons were still uncolored when I named the file. ย I planned to color them before I put them on the web- assuring myself that it’d make people enjoy them so much more than if I just stuck the plain ol’ comic strips on there.

It’s still the same folder I use, even though the folder and files inside it would have burst an old analog file folder long ago.

I’ve been meaning to mention it for the past eight years. ย Hubris… IN COLOR!