Well, here’s the next news for you Team Hubris folks- The pages for the Great Stanky Creek Outdoorfest are finally all laid out.  I’ve got 22 new comic strips left to draw up to complete it, along with a few spot illustrations.  The Patreon Patrons will get first crack at autographed copies, and after that, you’ll have to meet me at some of the Conventions to get yours.  I signed up for the big Charlotte Heroes Con in June.  And I hope to have lots of goodies for anyone who can come out and play.

I admit to dragging my feet on the book- knowing it would take  a lot of time to get together all the old notes (and new ones) about the new strips, and then finding a largish block of time to draw up that many really got under my skin.  Now that the layouts are done, and I can sort of see where things need to be plugged in, I think  we’re back on track.  The book following the Outdoorfest book will come along a LOT quicker.