Well, now.  Aren’t we having fun.  I got my cable access back, along with my internet access, this afternoon.  And now, so you’ll get this cartoon at midnight (technically “tomorrow” as I type) I’m doing a little work on my wife’s computer.  You know the one- I used to be familiar with it, back when it was mine.  It no longer has a scanner, so I have to draw directly into the computer, but that’s okay, since the Wacom tablet connected to it is really good at pressure sensitivity.  On the other hand, I can’t rotate the image, so I have to hold my hand at weird angles to get things…

You don’t wanna hear this, do you?  No, you don’t.

No, you want to hear me complain about the fact that my current computer chose the same day the cable was snapped and the internet lost to go belly up.  Yeah, hard drive death.  Traitor.  Wait, you don’t want to hear me whinge about that either?  Well, that’s understandable.  Bottom line?  Monday’s cartoon was late, and I had to get it into the computer by having my wife take it outside and shoot a photo with her camera, then upload it into Photoshop before I could try to turn it into something that was workable.  It was all drawn, you see, before my computer croaked.  Today’s cartoon wasn’t going to be done all bassackward like that, though, nossir.  All digital it is.  Yick.  I need a Cintiq if I’m gonna do that much more.  That, and I don’t wanna have to upload cartoons on other folk’s computers any more.

So cross your fingers and toes kiddies!  My computer should be back soon with a new hard drive with old backups clogging up it’s virgin, virtual arteries, and then we’ll see where we are!