I occasionally have young people contact me asking for a job.  They want to draw comic books, usually.  When I tell them that I don’t publish comic books and therefore can’t hire them to draw comic books, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect- a moment where their great business plan recedes back to their first principles and falls in on itself.  Same issues happen when people contact me to go into a speculative business with them.  They don’t call it that, they say, “I have an idea for a children’s book, we should work together to do it!”  And I have to explain that everyone I know has an idea for, and sometimes has written, a children’s book.  Also, writing and illustrating a children’s book is the easy part- it’s finding an agent to lug the thing around to publishers that’s the hard, time consuming, industry-specific thing.

And that leads us to Peter Enis Wang… who has a great idea or two to pitch to Hubris.


Maybe you can see where his plan is going.