Okay- last of the golden oldies.  This is the first Sunday cartoon I did for the original package.  Hubris was still more like me- in fact, this happened to me the first time I tried to rappel- and so a lot of the Sunday cartoons were designed to be educational in a sick sort of way.  “Watch out or THIS might happen to you!” educational.  Fun, yeah?  Later on, I decided to do the Crowd-Gag style Sundays, which I have put on the site before, and I think are wonderful because they slow a reader down, give the reader something to concentrate on, and make for an entertaining visual experience in a way that the average 3-second Sunday cartoon don’t offer.  The syndicates said I should try to stick with the general concept of Sunday cartoons (like today’s cartoon does).  The only upside that I see to the ‘tell a joke in a longer format’ Sunday is that it doesn’t take as long to draw.  I like the look, feel, and theory behind the busy stuff.