This is one of those comics that doesn’t fly as well with the old-fashioned-newspaper-comic crowd.  You know the ones.  The readers who really like some of the old, well mulched down comic strips- the ones that don’t make you think.

I like the cartoons that carry you into the implied story- inviting you to create the backstory or envisioning the next occurrence… and then you realize that there’s a whole ‘nother cartoon that comes from inside your head, and not off my pencil, that I gave you the hint for.

The first time I recall seeing such a  cartoon was an old Dennis the Menace.  All in one panel, Mr. Mitchell has gotten out of his car (briefcase in his hand, hat on his head, tie loose… he’s just getting home, don’t you think?) and Mr. Wilson, sweating and angry, is leaning across the hedge and scowling at Mr. Mitchell.  I think Dennis was nervously watching from a distance.  Mr. Mitchell says, “Let me get this straight… Dennis broke your CROW BAR?”

Darn funny writing.  Whole backstory for you to create.  And foreshadowing some more funny business.  Nice.