Organ donation is a touchy subject. ┬áThere are heroes that volunteer, and victims whose families do good on their behalf, and recipients who better be looking after those new bits, ’cause, *whew* that there’s the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it?

Of course, there’s always the ‘cutting edge’ (pun intended) of transplants. ┬áSome of the stories you hear (via the online versions of the Weekly World News, or some of the less reputable ‘science’ sites) must be just that, but still… one day we’ll be growing extra stuff for ourselves on, if old science fiction has its way, structures of genetically ┬áprogrammed and nanite-tended shark cartilage substructures, ready for implant in whomever has enough credit to afford ’em.

Not that this has a lot to do with today’s cartoon, I just liked the mention of signing donor cards before pogo stick trampolining.