It’s one of those things you should look up, once you realize.  What the heck IS a ‘stition’, and why is a ‘super’ one so silly? Are regular Stitions NOT silly?

All I know is, you darn well better take a rainfly and a raincoat on camping trips.  The one time everyone in the car thought that someone else had brought the tent?  Yeah, it rained.  No other way THAT one could have happened.  We slept under a tarp.  With holes in it.  I think we might have tied it up with boot laces.  It was a long evening anyhow.


Now that I’ve thought a little more about it, we need to find two SUPER competitive people. One of them, convinced that the bad luck of black cats crossing your path is the worst kind of thing, pitted against the other, who is absolutely positive that breaking a mirror will cause the most horrific bad luck.  Provide them with an open space, a few black cats and a few mirrors, and things will get lively for a good long while, don’t you think?