They make these gigantic books called ‘Artist Editions’ of old comics and stuff.  Ginormous pages like two feet tall.  I finally ponied up for one of MAD comics.  (Before the Magazine, MAD was a comic book)

Anyhow, the pages are photographic shots of the original art pages, so you can see erasures and some pencil lines, and the zip-a-tone they used for gray areas, and the various pen and brush strokes. It’s awesome.

On the other hand, it makes me feel inadequate, so it also sucks.

But it makes me pay more attention to my brush lines and lettering, so it’s awesome.

But it makes me wish even more that I could dawdle and take my time over every panel of Hubris and I can’t, so it sucks.

What about you guys?  Anything you know of that has both Awesomeness and Suckitude?