Intern is learning.

“Don’t argue with 1. The people who are accustomed to making decisions and 2. The people who are accustomed to doing the job and have been doing it for years.”

Not everyone learns that stuff right away.

Of course, the opposite can be true, too. Like when you run across the company that’s doing things “The Six Monkeys Method”.

You know what the Six Monkeys Method of running a business is?

Let’s say you run a lab, and you have a nice enclosure for six monkeys to inhabit.  In the enclosure, you provide several boxes whose sizes have been carefully determined.  If you stack said boxes all together, you could conceivably climb up to a cluster of nice looking bananas hung from the ceiling.  Put in your six monkeys, let ’em stack boxes and climb toward the bananas whenever they finally figure it out.  Thing is, when they’re about to snag the bananas.  You turn a firehose on ’em.  Boom.  Scattered, wet monkeys and boxes and misery.

You might have to turn the firehose on those monkeys three or four times before they work it out- Climb up after the bananas, and you’re gonna get blasted.  Otherwise, you feed them plenty, and make sure they have a clean and safe enclosure, lots of toys and things to occupy their time.  There ya go.  Eventually, the monkeys give up on those dang bananas you hang up there every morning.

Now, the experiment really begins.  Swap out one of the monkeys for a new one.  Eventually, that new guy is gonna start stacking boxes and, remembering what happened to them the last few times, the other monkeys will take the nasty job of fire hosing the new monkey away from you because they’ll set on that new monkey and whup him ’til he gives up on those boxes. Nobody wants to get blasted, after all.

Then, you swap ANOTHER monkey.  That one stacks boxes and the other five (Yes!  All five, including the new-ish monkey) will set upon the new new monkey and whale the tar out of him.

You can keep this up until you have six monkeys that weren’t part of the original group, and none of whom have been blasted with a firehose, or even know that a firehose was ever involved.  In fact, the firehose could have been taken away and sold after the first new monkey ’cause it don’t hardly have nothin’ to do with the experiment after that.

What you wind up with is a pack of six monkeys who will whip the hell out of any new monkey who starts stacking boxes.  Why?  Because “THAT’S THE WAY WE’VE ALWAYS DONE IT AROUND HERE.”

Hopefully, Kelly isn’t doing what he’s doing because of that form of business management. That’s all I’m saying.  Long-windedly, but that’s it.