Well, here we are again, kiddies!  It’s the week I usually bail out.  I leave you with this nice painting of Santa’s helper, and if I manage something stupid between now and January first, I’ll try to put it online.

At least part of the week will be taken up getting extra strips prepped.  I believe I owe you guys four extra ones, since the heroes have stepped up to the tip jar.  It’s also waaay past time I get the new stickers made, so there’s something else that’ll keep me from getting any extra sleep during what I like to call Weird Week.

Weird Week is the odd week (in the U.S., anyway) where very little gets done, business-wise.  Folks are doing travel, dealing with retail snafus, resting up after binge eating and drinking, and generally not calling up freelance cartoonists much.  Which is good, since I’m in the middle of three fair-sized jobs and need a few days to tinker with those, too.

And if you celebrated Hanukkah starting last Tuesday and I didn’t say to have a good one, well, I hope you did.  Or, if you’re busy celebrating, I dunno… Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Eid, Solstice, Tax Year’s End, Festivus, Flying Spaghetti Monster Feast, Weird Week, Boxing Day…whatever you do, enjoy!  I say “Merry Christmas” ’cause that’s the one I’m doing, but I’m not saying you can’t do your’n.  That’d be rude.