Wednesday was weird.  I had a two-part caricature gig at a convention.

Most caricature jobs aren’t two-parters.  But this client was smart and familiar with their scheduling, so I had a couple of hours just after lunch and another couple of hours just after dinner.  Good planning.

But on a Wednesday.  Usually those things happen on Saturday, so the whole day had a Saturday feel.  Add to it that my kids are on Spring Break, and the feel of a weekend was complete.

Also- I tend to tune out reality while I’m doing caricatures. There’s a lot of focus that gets spent on a thing that’s done and then whisked away in moments, and so the memories of each drawing get dumped as the next person sits down and you go through the routine again… and the memory is dumped as you move on to the next subject.  So, by seven in the evening, I had misplaced four hours of time.  Add to it that Daylight Savings Time means that the sun hadn’t yet gone down when I left the convention center… So I had no idea what day it was or what time it was supposed to be.

I got a whole Saturday out of a Wednesday.  Cool, huh?