Watched once as some paddlers I was camping with were ducking and dodging some bats that cruised in at dusk to remove the insect population. My best buddy said they were wasting their time ducking out of the way, as bats were great at avoiding things they didn’t care to smack into.  He stood in a bottleneck made by the close treegrowth and let the bats fly past and around his head at a furious rate.  One of the other, younger paddlers said that he had to try that, too.  It was very cool until the guy sitting next to me, (and NOT ME, you understand) threw a black ball cap and hit the guy in the head.

Knowing that it couldn’t be a bat that just smacked into the back of your head doesn’t help.  When something smacks into the back of your head while bats whirl around you, you dance.