See, if this was the old Star Trek Saturday morning cartoon show, the people in the bottom three panels would be reversed.

Any of you guys remember that?  In order to save on animation, they’d have the person speaking with the back of their heads to the viewer, so that you saw, face on, the immobile features of the person they were speaking to.  Clever huh?  If Leonard Nimoy was saying his Spock lines, you’d see the back of Spock’s head and Kirk’s face, blankly listening.  No… animation… involved… in… the… animated… show.

But Hubris isn’t animated, so you get to see the artist guy’s face as he talks.  It’s obvious he does REAL art, and not cartooning, ’cause he can afford FIVE layers of shirts and jackets.  Everyone knows cartoonists wander the streets in only four layers.  And cardboard shoes.


P.S.  I did NOT misspell ‘Pyranha’.  It’s a British company. They spell it that way.


[Added note.  I was going to put a Star Trek Animated Series clip here, showing what I was talking about.  I can’t find one.  I don’t THINK I imagined that whole thing about the facing away.]