I think we leave off skiing and snowboarding for a bit, here.  Hope you enjoyed it.  The big news on this end is that the National Cartoonist Society (I’m a member, isn’t THAT weird) has added a division category to their annual awards.  It’s ‘webcomic’, though someday, I reckon it’ll have some other nomenclature, as everything in the world goes to the web.  There might be better webcomics than Hubris, but I don’t care.  I’m submitting.  Cross your fingers for Hubris!  Also, click on ‘VoteHubris’ and StumbleUpon and Google+ and Tweet some Hubris and all that other stuff.  ‘Like’ the Facebook page and everything.  Every word out there in the cloud is another reader someday, and when there’s enough readers, I’m updating every day and having more fun with you guys.  ‘Cause I like you and all.