Every so often, I notice that the digital folder that I keep all the Hubris stuff in is named ‘Hubris In Color’.  I chuckle.  I made that folder when I decided to do the Hubris website, and that I would add color to the comic strips that were, after all, just ‘black and white newspaper strips’… color dailies in the newspaper being things you couldn’t rely on from newspaper to newspaper, it was so new.

How things change.  We still ‘dial’ a phone, we still ‘tape’ video… and ‘Hubris In Color’ is still there as a spoof on the old original Star Trek commercials (“IN COLOR!”).  And the words just get funnier to those of us who see the cobwebs on them.


PS.  I just double-checked to make sure this post would go up correctly and saw that I have an ad for Banana Triangle right there on Hubriscomics.com. I’m glad.  I like Banana Triangle.  Look and see if the ad is still up.  If you haven’t read it, by all means, go check it out.  It gets pretty crazy now and then. You might want to start at the beginning.