Way back in 1989, I joined up with other local cartoonists in a group formed by the few professionals in the area. Over the years, we did a couple of self-promotional comic books.

Earlier today, random circumstances and a few random clicks on my Wacom tablet (which gets a little squirrelly sometimes and clicks where I don’t intend) threw this into the corner of my vision.  It’s our second promo comic!  Still available on Lulu.com.  In it, I teamed up with Adam Shaw to illustrate a translation I had made of Der Erlkönig.  Not your typical comic book fare, I suppose, but it was fun.  There’s a lot of other cool stuff in there, too.

Feel free to click on it and see if you’d like to add to your grand collection of Cravens Obscure Cartooning.  You might even find a link to an earlier promo comic where I illustrated a thing called Flapdoodle.  I liked it very much.  I think the kindle version is free.




If you really want a challenge, you could try to find some of the old Caliber and Malibu comics I worked on.  I spotted one for sale a while back.  It’s an old Caliber Presents anthology with a Fugitive story in it.  I did the cover, which was terrible, I think.  Ah, youth. The Fugitive stuff was fun.  It was a futuristic detective chasing an insane serial murderer through old TV shows.  I can’t remember how many episodes we did, but there was a Rocky & Bullwinkle one, and Lassie, and Hogan’s Heroes, and Bewitched, and MTV, and Gilligan’s Island, and even Sesame Street that was a comment on the passing of Jim Henson.  For Malibu, I worked on a Planet Of The Apes annual/anthology. It was fun, too.  The penciller for a lot of that stuff was James Tucker (now of animated Batman fame.)  He’s amazing.

On the other hand, if you want something a little fresher… or even more ‘underground’, depending on your definitions, you could go check out the first issue (and associated goods available) of the Ninja comic I worked on.  It’s HERE.  The site offer is a big ol’ bundle of stuff that gets shipped to you.  It’s on the ‘adult’ side, so 18 and older only.