So here we are-

That’s Dave Garst (aspiring cartoonist groupie and all-around excellent person), BJ Higdon (Son of Bruce Higdon, Punster and Caricaturist), Mark Simon (HotShot Storyboard Artist, and Modern Media Entrepreneur who obviously doesn’t sleep), John Hambrock (Creator of The Brilliant Mind Of Edison Lee and Co-Host of The Kenosha Festival Of Cartooning) Todd Clark (Who creates Lola and is one of MAD’s usual gang of idiots) Rich Powell (Creator of Wide Open, and another of MAD’s usual gang) John Read (founder of the magazine Stay Tooned, Caricaturist, and movie studio grunt), My son Gideon (JROTC nut and producer of an airsoft gun video here a while back that he should now make more of)

And me, sprawled on the floor.


The Paintballers

So, that was the ‘before’ photo.  Here are the afters:

Todd took a few shots.


John Hambrock, too, took a couple of shots to the body.


Rich Powell shows us that getting shot in the eye, which sounds bad, isn’t quite so- as your eye is armored as many other anatomical parts are not…


Mark stopped a LOT of paintballs.  Probably had nothing to do with the red shirt.

Yes, the shirt started off red. It didn’t get that way during the game.


Quick Break.  No bones, but y’know.  Breaking.  We look a jolly bunch, don’t we? ‘Specially Rich, who kinda knew what he was doing (Ex-Marine, you see) and who stayed pretty darn happy under fire. Disturbing.


I was shot in the head.  Not armored, my head. Owwie. Thanks, Todd.  Thanks pantloads.


Not that you wanna see my hairy, specky back or anything, but guess how many times they shot me in the back.  Go on. Guess.


Now, the next day, this was Mark’s leg.  Color’s getting good, yeah?


So, I finally got my wish of having cartoonists body paint one another.  Tomorrow, more photos!  Skating, and also cartoonists in fancy clothes.