Go Outside and Dig Trail

I like to ride my bike on my trails. I really like to ride my bike on my trails.

The one thing that I like almost as much as riding on them, is digging on them. I like shaping berms, putting in jumps, smoothing out and filling in elk hoof prints… you know, just regular trail stuff.

It’s a ton of work, and it’s not exactly clean work, so on the surface, it would appear that I either have a problem with self abuse, or I’m stupid.

It’s also possible that I just like to get my mind on something other than work, family, bills, and clowns (ever since Poltergeist, I’ve had a constant low-grade fear of clowns… don’t watch that movie if you are younger than 30).

The bonus is that when I spend a couple of hours with Billie, the Wonder Adze and Rico the antique garden rake (you name your tools too, right?) I get to try out the improvements on my BIKE!

Another benefit comes to mind. When I’m riding the trails, my focus is generally on not flying off said trails, which would require removing sage brush from my orifices. When I’m working on the trails I get to see the view. And man, what a view it is.

I snapped this photo yesterday, then I unwittingly chopped into a termite mound. Termites do not like to be disturbed AND the dern things fly. Thank goodness they don’t look like clowns. That could be a deal breaker.