So, Grant du Plessis sent us this:


Hi there ,

A while ago I sent you a message telling you how Hubris inspired me to
open my own shop. Well after much work and investigating in to the
market I decided to open up an action sports distribution company
instead. I figure this way I get to bring joy to a few more people
than a single shop would. It’s called Righteous Distribution

Anyway, today I’m writing to tell you about the other little spark of
inspiration Hubris and the gang imparted to me. In two weeks time,
partly inspired by Hubris, I will be playing host to my own outdoor
fest! It’s called Blitz Festival!

It’s a 3 day festival in homage to all things with wheelz. We will be
have aggressive inline, longboarding, BMX, inline slalom, skateboard
slalom, circus skills and much more! We will be playing host to no
less than 6 Guiness world record attempts. One of the BBC children’s
channels will be there with the folks from Guinness world records to
document it all. We are also hosting the UK’s first ever Longboard and
Inline Boarder Cross!! It is a 150m downhill course littered with
humps bumps and jumps. One of which will be a five foot high camel
jump! First one to the bottom alive…. wins.

If you send me your email I’ll send you the poster for the event and
I’ll send you a few photo’s and videos after the fact.

Thanks again for Hubris and the gang!!!!!!


PS eXtreme hackysack, pure genius!




And how cool is that?  Pure Cool!  Pure, unadulterated, clean and sharp COOL.

If you’re in the UK, you better be there.  If you’re even close to the UK, you better be there.  Even if you have to swim a bit.