So, I was on St.Simon’s Island, GA.  It’s a very nice place. And there, in the middle of a great vacation spot, is GlynnArt. 

They’re currently hosting a show of Jack Davis art.  If you don’t know his name, don’t worry.  I can explain to you who he is very easily.

He was there for the old EC ‘Tales From The Crypt’ comics, and when Mad comics (for whom he drew their SECOND cover) became MAD magazine, Jack stayed with ’em. He also drew uncounted covers for Time, and Reader’s Digest, and more titles than you want to have listed.  Amazing man with an amazing career- which isn’t over yet, I should add.  He’s still knocking out work.

Egomaniac that I am, when asked if I could participate in the opening weekend of the show, I jumped at it.  I taught two classes (originally  I stepped in as a replacement teacher of the Inking With A Brush class for adults, when a few weeks before the opening, the space was vacated)  Then, friend John Read had to skip out and spend some time at a hospital bedside, I became the childrens’ Cartooning 101 teacher.

Here are photos of my classes…  Hey guys!  Hope you enjoyed the lesson!

There was some video shot.  If Jonathon sends me the link, I’ll pass it on to you guys… even though the sound of my own too-loud, too-nasal, too-weird voice on playback makes me cringe.

GlynnArts Classes