Okay, so there’s a little icon on the left hand side of the site that says ‘Outdoor Galore Store’.  I usually don’t make much of it here because there are about a dozen designs I’d like to load up , and I always think I’ll take a day to prepare them and then send everyone scurrying over there to take a look.

But I usually get bogged down elsewhere.

Until I got off my butt long enough to ask a buddy of mine to work his magic on a Big Stanky Creek Outdoorfest shirt design.  He does stuff for The Boy Scouts, and Drake Waterfowl, and Dagger kayaks, and you get the idea- he does amazing work.  Big hand, everyone, for Mr. Mike Womack! (click HERE and see more of his work.  Need a fine  logo or T-shirt design, anyone?)

So now, if you want to tell everyone that you were a competitor at the Outdoorfest, I’ll back you up.  You just need the shirt, and you need to tell a good story about how you wrecked a wagon in the ReadyFlyer Downhill, and crashed into a big fat guy and nearly broke a… whatever bone you like.  Your choice.

The back of the shirt is filled with sponsors’ logos- inside gags for those who read the strip, really.

So there you go.  Shirts in the store!

I’ll try to have the rest of the new designs soon.  I promise.  Really.

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