I am not an orderly person.  My studio, my mind, and my personal abilities are disordered and chaotic.

Consequently, not all of the Team Us folks have made it into the Hubris cartoons yet.

Part of the reason is that I didn’t want to clump everyone in on the first ‘day’, and part of it was that I had some other gags to tell.

Part of it is that the image below is my ‘notes’ so far.  I think only Molly isn’t on my sheet.  Molly, and maybe others who got lost in the shuffle of emails with attached photos being saved into a folder, which then proved to be a bad idea.  The emails were saved in some flakey format where the photos didn’t show up, and I had to go back and match things up and made a mess of it.

So, if you haven’t appeared in the strip so far, and you’re NOT on this page (click and maybe click again to zoom if necessary), then you may have to remind me.  Also, if you are, or if you know the lovely young lady on the right hand side of the page without any name or sport noted, remind me who you (she) are (is).  I can’t seem to match up the proper info for an identification.

Or, of course, if you haven’t sent me a photo so that you can be part of Team Us, well, Now might be a good time.

Back to the action!