Disc Golf.  There are a couple of courses around here.  Two I’ve played now, but they may count as one.  See, years ago, there were eighteen ‘holes’ at this disc golf course, and about the time I quit going regularly, they’d added three or four holes to the ‘front nine’, which seemed nice.  Rough holes.  Lotta undergrowth and stuff.

Anyhow, flash forward to lately, and now behold!  Where there had been eighteen holes, and then twenty-odd holes, now there are thirty six.  Two whole courses, the East and the West.

The other course in town is in a more open park.  Not so many trees, not so much erosion, and roots, and bridges, and fallen timber, and poison ivy, and mud.  You can see why I haven’t rushed over there to play.

I expect the ‘crack’ of a disc smacking a tree at full force, thirty feet from the tee.  Being able to SEE the hole from the tee?  Crazy talk.

So, if you’re in the Memphis area, get yourself to Shelby Forest, out there North of town.  Enjoy the time you spend in the shady forest, looking for where the heck that disc landed in all this… Hey, is THIS poison ivy, or is THAT stuff poison ivy?

Ah.  Both.  Good to know.

So, here the shot after my drive.  It was a good drive.  Can you spot the ‘hole’? It’s a metal doohickey with a basket and some hanging chains you can throw against.  See it?  You could click on the image, which will take you to the same image, then click on it again to make it slightly larger, then click on it again to magnify it in frame to make it bigger and easier to see.  Wish I could do that on the course, of course.