I have been giving considerable thought to bringing Hubris to various conventions around this country and Canada (Hey, Allan!) and so I’ve dipped my toe in, locally. Didn’t gamble much in the way of merchandise or table time, but it was fun, and I think there are a few new readers since then (Hey, guys!)

Here’s me at MidSouthCon-

I had some books to sell, a skateboard to sell, and lots of stickers to give out, along with some original pencil sheets for anyone who acted truly interested.  I’d also like to point out that the outlandish buckskin jacket I was wearing was complimented more and more thoroughly at the convention than it has been for ten years prior.

There weren’t a lot of sales made, and it was tricky to keep the attention of the Convention-goers.  Comic strips aren’t always the biggest hit at Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comic book events.  Comic Strips are for a different kind of reader.  Some of you might take that as a compliment or as an insult when I point out that the convention-goers I was speaking to looked like this:


And like this: