So there’s this big steel wave at the skatepark- put there on the first anniversary of the park, or thereabouts.  Anyway, I’ve been told it’s eighteen feet tall or so.

And it’s got stickers on it.  I’ve watched as people ride up it and slap stickers as high as they can get them.  It’s fun to watch.

Today, I had a bunch of Hubris stickers and some young enthusiasts willing to get them as high up as possible.

Here’s a photo for scale.  It’s a big thing.  And some of those stickers are really high.  Lots of the highest ones are put there by in-line skaters (you know- the guys with wheel-bearing boots on their feet) They’re sometimes looked askance at by the skateboarders, but by golly, they can get really really high up that wave. And they can’t ‘bail out’- if they land badly, they STILL might roll away.  The skateboarders and bicyclers?  Tougher to get higher, and more chance for bailing out- intentionally or otherwise.

Like this:

Yeah, that’s the kid’s skateboard way up next to him in the second shot.  He got some decent height, and made a huge reach for the placement of a sticker, but there was zero chance of landing back on the board.  Boom.

The guys were real troopers, though, and went through a lot of Hubris stickers on the wave.