If you comment here on the site (or ghost or lurk or whatever other creepy name they give readers that don’t post these days) then you’ve seen Allan’s name now and again.

Here’s his computer, all fancied up with a Hubris sticker.


Did you want a sticker like it?  They’re three or four inches across, I think, and they’re paper, so they don’t handle the outdoors well (tested one on my truck.  It’s sort of a wrinkledy white scrap of disreputable paper after a month.) but they make fine additions to your laptop, your skate deck (where they can be ground off and replaced occasionally), your refrigerator or whatever fairly flat surface you desire.  Click on the Contact or the Email buttons right here on this site and tell me where you’d like your sticker (possibly two or even three, depending on the weather or my mood or the alignment of the stars) mailed to.  You’ll then owe me a photo of the sticker after it’s been stuck. Remember to only stick ’em on your own stuff.  Rude to put ’em on everybody’s stuff or anyone else’s stuff, you know.