I suppose it’s not cool or politically correct or something to say that you’re trying to raise awareness of men’s health issues, but it does need to be done.  You can argue that men’s health issues are the basis for most, if not all, of the health research done for the first hundred years of modern Western medicine, and you can argue that boosting for this takes attention away from other, more deserving issues… but really.  We all need to look after ourselves.

And let’s face it.  Guys barely do what they’re supposed to do, even when they’re reminded.

So.  Guys.  Go get your prostate checked.  Your guy-junk needs to stay healthy, or you die.  There you go.

And you can go to Also, you can grow your Mo’stache.  When people say, “Why are you puttin’ on them affectations like growing out that lip-fungus?”  You can tell ’em “I’m doing to remind you to go to the doctor and do the one thing that scares the %$#@ out of you!  Get it checked!”


Get it checked, dude.