Young Gideon says:

 Hello its me, Gid. I’m back with another product review, and I’m lovin’ it.

This time its about paintball. Paintball is a sport where you get a co2 canister, gun and a hopper put ‘em together and shoot at each other.

If you can remember the M*A*S*H photos of my birthday party (see them HERE) you can see the center of this review-my paintball vest. I got this vest off of I like the site. It’s orderly, and you can find what you need very easily. The vest comes in two colors: green camo, and blue. I’m a big camo fan, so you know what I got. The vest is pretty good. I was sitting in the dead box, and all of a sudden this random paintball came flying at me, and hit me in the chest. I didn’t feel a thing. So it works. But there are a few downsides; like the fabric covering at the edges of the air holes started to fray and come off, but really didn’t come off too much.  On the site it says the chest and back protector is “semi-hard”.  I was expecting some thing like  stiff plastic, but it’s more flexible than that.  You can still feel a little pain when you get shot I guess – in my case, I wasn’t any farther from the battle than the benches in the dead box.

You can also use this as a chest protector for air soft.

All together I rate this as 9 out of 10. Happy paintballing!


Wanna shop this chest protector from here? Click on the image below:
NXe Paintball Chest & Back Protector - Digi Camo