Hey.  I’ve been remiss in updating on non-cartoon days lately.  Sorry about that.  Been busy.  Twisted my ankle at the skatepark.  Wife was in a car wreck. Kids homework… let’s see… what else?  Oh yeah!  Kenosha!  I’m frantically trying to get things ready for Kenosha.  That’s what kicked off the Hubris book (HERE) and I had a proposal in for a Buckets book, too, but they’re not going for it at the moment.  There’s no time to get it done for Kenosha, but I bet I can have a Buckets book ready for everyone for Christmas gifts.

Anyhow, I bought a new laptop, so I can confidently go ’round and show off stuff at Kenosha, and next year- Comics Conventions!  Heyaaaah!  Do you go to comics conventions?  Do you want to see me there and buy a book or an original comic strip or a sketch?  I’m in the market for some Cons!  Let me know which one(s) you go to and I’ll do my best to be there!


Just for funsies, here’s a couple of cartoons you can also see (HERE) at MoreOnTV!