I will not usually be the first to admit I screwed up, because I usually don’t notice, but I’m usually quick to acknowledge the insightful person who points out that I screwed up.

Nobody has actually said so this time, but I screwed up and freely admit it.  Being absolutely stunned that Won could identify just about any dried up old sign outside just about any old national forest or park or whatever, I gave you a photo from inside a Taco joint outside of Denver.

Apparently, that didn’t go over too well.

So, I followed up with the image I had originally thought might come before the Taco Joint.  It was this one:

And apparently, I had ruined the game’s momentum by then.  Won very kindly didn’t answer within the hour, giving other budding detectives a chance.  Those budding detectives blew it. Nobody guessed it, although a quick glance shows us that an anonymous poster said it wasn’t in Oregon.  Oregon presumably wouldn’t use plastic fake wood.  Good detective work, there, in my opinion.

But that’s as far as we’ve gotten.  So I reckon I’ll do the big reveal now.


And you’ll notice that it’s not, in fact, Oregon.  Well done, Anonymous.  This isn’t, you see, a national park or state wildlife area.  What do you want to bet that’s why it was trickier than those other signs?  I believe that the sign says, “Outlets at Silverthorne’ up at the top.  It may actually be a retail space, in which Jeff The Photographer was pulling a dirty stunt, but no dirtier than me tossing in the Taco Joint when we were on such a roll.

Oh, well.  Might as well toss another shot in today, just for good measure:

Here’s Andy, scoping out what is apparently an ad for ‘Hubris Brand Tequila Blanco’.  I don’t currently offer Hubris Brand Tequila Blanco, but if the demand is there, and any of us knows somebody who works at a Tequila manufacturer… or a Winery… or a Brewer… well, let me know and I’ll see what can be done.