Okay, so who knows where TTC is?


Mystery to me.


Looks official, as opposed to commercial.


Older logo design.  They don’t do ’em like that any more, do they?


Got a map to work with.  I can’t make a lot from it, can you?




Not sure where to go with this one.  Pun intended.


You got any guesses?


If you do, make your guess.


I’m about to throw you the answer.


Don’t scroll down until you’ve made some kind of guess.


‘T’.  Where’s T?  What’s TTC?


Got it?


Okay, here we go:


Okay!  There you go!  You have it now, right?

It WAS pretty obvious.  Now that you see the whole photo, you’re probably slapping your forehead and thinking, “Oh, man.  How did I miss that?”