Okay, we’re refining our game here, and things are about to get tough.

I thought the last one was gonna be tough, but Won was tougher.  In less than an hour, he figured out that a photo of a Hubris sticker inside the ‘O’ of part of a word that spelled ‘yon’ was actually from here:

Less than an hour- to pin down a specific location like this?  Man.  Tough.

So we’re having to up the game anyhow.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. I got a couple of photos lined up that’ll take even Won some serious hard-target work to even start a good guess.

Y’all ready for this?


Good luck!  And remember, they just get harder and harder from here on out.

Oh, and if you need some Hubris stickers to set up your own photos, you just click on the contact button and let me know.