Well, Good John Lotshaw at Moonbase Press has set up the first iteration of the first Hubris book ‘I Meant To Do That’.

Click HERE to peruse and perhaps purchase the product. (the Preview feature is a little wonky when I use it.  I have to scroll through all the pages as blanks once, then it loads the book contents.  weird.)

It makes a grand gift to those Luddites and other friends and family who do not share your penchant for coming to this website and enjoying Hubris as a vibrant digital experience.

It also serves as something you can sit with in small rooms with tile floors and running water- you know, where having your computer is nice, but unwieldy.

We’ll eventually do a printing of copies I can carry around to shows like the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning, and conventions, and stuff like that.  Those, and any copies that you purchase at Lulu then bring to me for the purpose, will be autographed and sketched in and all.