I’ve mentioned here before that I’m no darn good at the ol’ cheesecake illustrations.  Cheesecake, for anyone still wondering, is the ‘Pinup Girl’ style art.

So, what does a cartoonist who’s been very kindly complimented on his ability to draw people and expressions DO when he has to admit that there’s a whole class of figure drawings that he’s ruinously crappy at?  Copy somebody who’s GOOD at it and see what makes those drawings work, then incorporate the bits that feel right and adapt the ones that don’t.  In other words, you go back to being 8, and you trace and copy and erase and you get pleasantly surprised by what you can find out. And the next time you pick up a pencil, you leave the reference behind and you don’t suck as much when you draw your own stuff.

So! In an effort at full disclosure and pointing out what’s what, these poses came from Chris Sanders‘ Sketchbook #4.  Mr. Sanders is the genius behind the character designs (and more) of ‘Lilo & Stitch’ and ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.  He is, I’m sure everyone agrees, amazing.

I’m still rotten at drawing athletically fit women, but I’m happy to be learnin’.