Here is a link for you.  It’s to a book full of cartoons and cartoon paintings and funny pictures and everything all based around the comic strip Cul De Sac by Richard Thompson.  You see, Richard has Parkinson’s Disease.  Yes, the same thing that Michael J. Fox has.  So this book compiles a lot of work done by scads o’ cartoonists all so that this book could be made and the proceeds of its sale go to support research into beating Parkinson’s Disease. And of course, I’ve got a page in there (You could bid on it here. That money goes to research too.  Very thorough, aren’t they?) so this isn’t some altruistic “rah-rah for cartooning” thing. No, I want you to rush out to buy this book so that you can see what I drew.  That’s the whole reason I’m involved.  Ego.  Nothing to do with battling disease for me.

Anyhow, the cartoons I did have a trebuchet in them.  Like a catapult.  And it throws ice machines.  Get the book.