When the average person hears ‘The Terminator’, I suppose that person, being average, thinks of Arnold Schwarzeneggar playing a robot.  I think Arnold was best at playing a robot, myself.  Some other people, being average but also being electricians, might think of an item involved in an electrical circuit.  Some schoolchildren around Memphis might also think of a guy in an MLGW suit who explains all about working for a utilities company. And hands out activity/coloring books while doing it.  Yow.

The point is, here’s the cover of the book the student receive when The Terminator comes to their class-   I drew it.  It might not be the best off-Hubris post I’ve ever made, but I’m in the middle of Jury Duty (Huh huh huh, he said ‘doody’) and I’m not getting enough sleep currently to write the next installment of Grand Canyon Diaries the way I’d intended.