So I’m sketching around, and I’m thinking that if some kind of cheesecake type Kara drawing comes off’a my pencil tip, well, I’ll post it here, right?  Then the usual problems kick in.  I’m rotten at cheesecake. I haven’t thought of any sort of props and I hate drawings that have girls waving their empty hands around in some ballerina-style random way, aaaaand I tend to, as most 3rd graders would while drawing, tell little stories with the doodle.

First, I think, “Hey, it sorta looks like she’s doing hammer curls.” So I put weights in Kara’s hands.  Then, I realize that her arms aren’t quite where I need them, so I erase her arms and fiddle around, then I realize that she’s got a weird thing going on with her butt and her balance.  Anyway, I finally thought, “This is stupid and it doesn’t say anything except that Kara has no sense of balance and must be new to doing hammer curls.”

Now is a good time to point out that a hammer curl is something I do when I go to one of those Boot Camp workouts.  Three mornings a week, I run around the corner to a park where there are some people who get together with weights and mats and they sweat for an hour before going home and getting the kids ready for school.

When I realize that I’ve been drawing Kara in a boot camp workout, the story gets more elaborate.  Would she have been doing this very long?  Weeks?  Years?  Would Hubris go?

I grabbed another sheet of paper, as the ones I’d started with were now over-erased and I needed more room.  Hubris entered the sketch.  Then, it was funnier.  Hubris brought big ol’ Manly weights, and maybe they’re a little too big and too manly.  Kara wouldn’t make that mistake, though her posture still isn’t optimum for workin’ out.