You might not always believe it- depending on how far behind I am when I draw up each cartoon- but I do have character sheets on Hubris and his folk. I keep a 20X30 board with the various sheets stuck to it over my drawing board.  Here’s the main image:

This thing was done long before the website started up, back when I thought newspapers were going to be the venue for Hubris.  So for a couple of years, the board (black foamcore) was mostly to block sunlight from falling across my light table (I draw on a light table.  There are some great and efficient things you can do on a light table. I learned that from Hy Eisman during a Joe Kubert seminar yeeeeaaaars ago.  I’m grateful for those seminars.)

I also have a .jpg of this image that I call up when I’m coloring.  It’s titled ‘color grab file’, and I do just that- grab colors to use on the new strips.  Computers are great and efficient, too.  Waaay back in the day, when I was still doing the Shoney’s restaurant children’s menus/activity books (anyone want me to do a Hubris activity book?) and I first took over the coloring duties because I had one’a them newfangled computers, I inherited a color palette from the big company who had been doing the color work.  Every color had a number. I use a wacom tablet and could select with one hand while keying colors with the other hand.  It was a little like piano, and the activity menus got colored quick, man, quick.