So, got some photos from Jeff Outdoors and he’s got all these suspicious little round red stickers…



"You can tell it's a GOOD helmet. Got a Hubris sticker on it."


"What the Blue Blazes?"


"The Hubrax protects the Trees! And goes wee behind them."

You want some little red stickers? Got neat-o plans for them that DON’T involve sticking them on other people’s property, thus leading to a vicious email from Widow Porchswing demanding that I personally come to Slobberville, GA to remove the sticker from her Fluffywupkin’s private areas? Or, say, a skatepark that’s mostly sticker-pristine? Email me or post in the comments below. I’ll make ya a deal. Won wrote a great product review (I owe him MORE stickers, I think) and Jeff Outdoors has really gone out of his way to write amazingly entertaining things for the site. They got stickers… you can, too!