Remember me posting the picture of Jimmy Johnson and other cartoonists? (including ME!  Woohoo!  Look at me flap my ego, y’all!)

Well, here’s another one.  It’s Sergio Aragonés!  Yow!  He’s so cool.  No kidding.  Meeting him is like the ultimate fan-friendly thing.  The guy has never lost his wonder at the world of cartooning.  He’s humble, and interested, polite, knowledgeable, approachable-  all the terms that people use when describing the best of the best of well-known professionals.

And I’m in the picture too.  You know me, I’m loud and ego-driven.  That’s why it’s so important for me to have these photos.

So, if you download this photo for your own use, best crop me out or photoshop your head in where mine is.