So, you’re in the least spectacular part of what is otherwise a very cool hike.  You need to take some more photos because, let’s face it, photos are nice to have later- no matter how irritating it is to 1) have to drag a damned camera around with you and dig it out when you need it and   2) have to strike a pose or back up and do something again so that someone else can get a photo or  3) have to stand around while the photographer spends who-knows-how-long trying to get some clever or well-lit or spontaneous looking shot.

That being said- here’s one of those shots where I got tossed the camera, got a wry grin and my brother did a neat thing that turned into a good photo.  This photo WAS taken in a slot canyon.  It was just taken farther and lower down than it seems at first glance.  The floor of the canyon here was filled in with gravel.  My brother is doing a sort of one-handed pushup, with his feet wedged at the base the rock wall on his right.  The ‘left wall’ isn’t.  It’s the gravelly ground.  I just turned the camera 60-odd degrees counter-clockwise.

I guess if I really wanted to trick anyone, I’d have photoshopped out the grass growing at silly angles.  As it is, this is the shot as it loaded straight from the li’l camera.  FUN!  Go try something similar.  Share it with us here, willya?