Hubris is sort of a new, little comic, and I tell ya, building up readership is tricky!  I don’t yet think 21st century very well.  I have to be reminded that my phone will do all kinds of stuff for me that I used to have to do for myself.

(click on the box to check out the voting.)

Anyhow, I tripped across this really cool webcomic March Madness thing that’s gotten totally out of hand.  There’s insane numbers of really good webcomics nominated.  Hubris is in there, but you have to look waaay down in the list to the first round of updated names.  Will you slip over there and vote?  In return, I’ll make a valiant effort to update more than M-W-F this week,  just to say “Thanks” to you, and to say “Hey!” to all the new readers that wander by.

Thanks, Team Hubris! (Or Team Wukilar, if you want to hang with the Dark Side.  It’s cool.)