So a few people, despite me saying that Hubris stays family friendly, have asked about cuter pictures (my term) of Kara. This is probably not what they have in mind, but it’s all you’re likely to get. Unless I finally start acting like a businessman and put a paywall in for less-children-friendly content.

It’s a sketch, obviously. I’m not practiced in cheesecake. It doesn’t come up in The Buckets. It rarely comes up in advertising cartoons. It occasionally comes up in caricatures, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser.  “Aunt Beula in burlesque outfit sitting in a giant martini glass! Woooooo!”

Whatever the case, here’s a quick doodle of Kara pouring the water out of her kayak. Let me know by way of the comment section if this is a crowd-pleaser, or if you’re concerned that some impressionable kid will wander down the page and go “Huh. How about that. She’s nearly as sexy as the stuff on the average Cartoon Network show.”